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About Monsoon Oilfield Ltd.


We’re Your ONE CALL Oilfield Services Provider For All Your Thermal Needs

Monsoon Oilfield Ltd. is comprised of industry experts in multiple fields. With just ONE CALL you will be connected to one of our experts, whether it be chemical, fishing, or rental equipment related. We provide services in Western Canada, USA and international markets. We are available anytime, to anyone, anywhere we are needed.

Why Choose Us ?


When you call Monsoon, you get a real person, not just a machine where you might be transferred to multiple people. Our world class employees are real people with a vast array of knowledge who will sit down with you and figure out the problem, not just give you a generic fix. Need a well treatment plan? Our best in class biologist can do that. Water treatment? No problem. Need an environmentally friendly degreaser for that heavy SAGD oil, that will break down the oil and leave your pipe clean, leaving a smaller environmental footprint, yep we have that too. Give us a call and find out what our amazing people can do for you.

Why Choose Monsoon Oilfield? - Image