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Oilfield Chemicals


Custom Solutions For All your Well Needs

With our industy leading biologists and chemists, we can custom build programs and chemicals for your specific well needs. We don’t just offer you a band aid solution, we will sit down with you and figure out a permanent solution, to keep your wells running smoothly.

Try MON-SOL, our environmentally friendly degreaser, specially formulated for SAGD heavy oil / bitumen. This degreaser will alleviate the headaches of pulling pipe out of the hole that is covered in heavy oil. Save time and money, as this degreaser will be easier on the rigs equipment and will lessen the environmental impact on your well site. No more tail drippings out of the pipe, your pipe will come out of the hole, looking new! Give us a call and see what MON-SOL can do for your well.

Oilfield Chemicals We Supply

Your ONE CALL For Oilfield Chemicals and Services

Monsoon Oilfield offers testing and custom solutions for any oilfield chemicals you need. Not all well sites or pads are the same. SAGD operation locations matter and a generic chemical likely won’t cut it. Our specialty oilfield chemicals are a solution that is just ONE CALL away.

Delivery of all products available.